Fast Forward

Time sure has a way to show us the world in a way that we really shouldn’t. Being busy makes us look at time multiple times a day, but somehow over time…weeks, months, and years, we look back and wonder where time went? Are we out of touch with the world or are we out of touch with our own selves? I guess if you are not so busy you think of time as slow and boring..or even relaxing and maybe depressing. That is how my year has been so far! Between school, work, kids, wife, and recording, time sure has a way to get away from me. I am not saying I am so busy that I don’t have time for anything. It is quite the opposite. I procrastinate many things in my life and find myself surfing Facebook, watching YouTube, or even writing blog posts like this one! One thing is certain. I need to break the habit and start doing more and managing my time better! I do often think about how much time I am wasting. I just have not figured out what I am going to do about it yet. It is too easy to do nothing about it. It is the hard things in life that are good for you. Lets see how I finish this year out. I have set the goal…starting tonight!

When it hits you

Playing music and writing songs have been a stepping stone for me as well as a heal all when it comes to some of life problems. As life goes on, I find myself loosing my music time, and it slowly sits on the back burner while I am working my life away. I do not know if it is the changing of the season, the bad year I have been having, or the threat of leaving I have been hearing…music is always there waiting for me to come back. Ever since my Fall Market Place performance on the square of Greencastle I have been playing music like crazy. I also have been slowly writing some new material, but mostly recording the songs that are already written. Along with the Fall season comes many holidays that will again eat my time up. I am trying to do what I can now while I have some down time so I can finally finish this record. That is all for now!